Who is Dr Clive Williams

I’m a psychologist with a focus (some would say obsession) with how change really occurs.

The Psychologist

For the past 35 years, I’ve worked with clients across a variety of setting from government to organisations to hospitals to private practice. For the past 25 years, I’ve channeled this focus on change on the application of the Hero’s Journey to everyday life.

‘It sounds crazy but I propose there is a mudmap for life, a template to guide you when there are significant problems you are at a loss as to how to address. I propose that the oldest storyline known, the hero’s journey is this mudmap, this template. The Hero’s Journey storyline occurs in stages with each stage having distinct characteristics and unique challenges to address’.

I stumbled across the Hero’s Journey, considered I was losing the plot when I thought I began to recognise aspects of this storyline happening in my own life. For the first 10 years or so I kept quiet absolutely about my possible discovery; that this storyline that occurs in all cultures across time also reflected the changing aspects of my own life. As I gradually experimented with this idea, using the storyline of the hero’s journey through which to view my life, significant changes occurred within me, to me.

As Campbell had suggested, doors opened where I had no idea they were even there. It turns out, the great thing about having a mudmap, it gives you an idea of where you are and outlines the steps you need to take towards your destination. The application of the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap for my own life turned out to be a simple but life-changing way of problem-solving and creating the life that allowed me to follow my bliss.’

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Dr Clive Williams speaks about the Hero’s Journey

Clive’s examination of the Hero’s Journey  led him to propose the idea that the Hero’s Journey provides a mudmap for daily living.  For the past 25 years, Clive has focused on the application of the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap for change and applying this mudmap with clients dealing with anxiety and mood disorders, addictions, relationship and family problems, and workplace stresses.

Dr Clive Williams has yet to find one situation where the Hero’s Journey could not be used to as a lens through which to view the client’s life and its various stages to assist problem solving and change.  These ideas  of the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap for living providing strategies for dealing with modern life are articulated in his book A Mudmap for Living.

Dr Clive Williams has presented his ideas at the Hero Roundtables in Geelong Victoria (2015) and Michigan (2016) and Yarram Victoria (2018).  Clive has also presented at  Bond University Wellness Forum (2016) and both the first and second Heroism Science Conferences at Murdoch University Perth and Richmond University Virginia USA.  He has been an invited guest on podcasts the Hero Forge, Bloke Psychology, Mr Perfect and worked with governments and organisations helping them undertake issues of change and problem solving. More recently Clive has become a Director for Blokepedia an organisation focused on the health and wellbeing of men.

Dr Clive Williams has a private practice located in Toowoomba Australia though he works with clients around Australia and internationally.

“If we want our lives to change, the biggest challenge is looking at how we contribute to the problem. Most of us will spend a lifetime telling the story that we are good guy, the innocent victim and everyone else is the problem and it’s them who should change. Well, you might be successful and do this for your entire life but more likely you’ll have distant relationships and few real friendships. You’ll cut people off or avoid them just so you can remain ‘right’. It’s the recipe for a lonely and argumentative life.”      ~ Clive Williams

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