Blokepedia: Powerful for Men’s Mental Health

How the Hero’s Journey fits Blokepedia

Blokepedia is an organisation that grew from a blog by Josh Quarmby, who following the death of his father found few opportunities to discuss this event with other men.  His site has now evolved beyond a blog site to include events, programs, and workshops aimed at not only promoting positive conversations about the issues impacting the lives of Aussie men but providing the foundations to improve the way we connect, communicate and care for ourselves and others.

Simple and practical. We leave the psychobabble to others! lol

Like in every aspect of life, the hero’s journey can assist men to navigate the twists and turns of everyday life. When Josh and I meet with men, in person, online or in a range of diverse organisations, we often talk about ‘dealing with change’. It’s our phrase to gain peoples’ interest using the hero’s journey as a mudmap to deal with change and the inevitable problems that come with it.

Whether it’s talking about the organisational restructure, our relationships or dealing with major events in our lives, the hero’s journey offers its unique framework as a template for change. It spells out the characteristics of change and normalises a range of emotions that come with significant change, allowing men to regain their orientation for what is required to address their current dilemma.

Blokepedia Events

Before COVID …. Blokepedia held regular events in pubs or bars or restaurants. These are called ‘Conversations that Matter’.  One of the first I was involved with happened at Mooloolaba and included Rugby League Legend Billy Moore, and of course, Josh Quarmby founder and organiser of Blokepedia.

About 80 men and women showed up to hear Billy talk about some of his personal mental health challenges and then I spoke about typical mental health issues men present with and how I work with them using the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap to navigate their way back to mental health.

Since the arrival of COVID, Blokepedia has moved on line continuing to offer to men, their partners and the organisations they work for, opportunities to reflect on their lives, learn from other men facing similar challenges as well as tapping into people with expertise in these areas.

Blokepedia Learning Hub

Developed with the support of leading health professionals and Australian men, the Blokepedia Learning Hub addresses key health issues through story sharing and the provision of practical skills and supports for improved individual health and wellbeing.

Blokepedia piloting new workplace health program designed specifically for men

Blokepedia is piloting a workplace health program designed specifically for men. Consisting of a mix of online resources and face-to-face (or webinar) education sessions, the program aims to support teams and individuals to optimise their social, emotional, and physical health.

Blokepedia and Jimmy’s Shed

This new ten-episode video series sets out to explore some of the issues and life events affecting men across Australia.

Each week host Jimmy Rees talks to experts and extraordinary everyday men to discuss a range of topics including fatherhood, communication in relationships and social connection.

This series aims to address key men’s health issues and provide viewers with tools and resources to enhance their individual health and wellbeing.


The Blokepedia website contains a range of resources available to men(and those who love them) at any time. The Insights page offers videos and articles on dealing with a range of topics such as difficult emotions, becoming a dad, dads and miscarriage, dads who get the ‘blues’, dealing with adversity and work-life balance (the ongoing juggling act).

You can read more about Blokepedia and access their range of resources here.

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