June 5, 2019

The Hero’s Journey and Men’s Mental Health: Blokepedia

Blokepedia is an organisation that grew from a blog by Josh Quarmby, who following the death of his father found few opportunities to discuss this event with other men.  His site has now evolved beyond a blog site to include events, programs, and workshops aimed at not only promoting positive conversations about the issues impacting the lives of Aussie men but providing the foundations to improve the way we connect, communicate and care for ourselves and others.

On a regular basis Blokepedia now hosts events, usually in a pub or bar or restaurant called ‘Conversations that Matter’.  One that I was recently involved with happened at Mooloolaba.  Matt Collins radio presenter link to Matt Collins  was the MC for the eventing and Rugby League Legend Billy Moore, link to Billy Moore   and Josh Quarmby founder and organiser of Blokepedia Link to Blodepedia  and I spoke about men’s mental health.  About 80 men and women showed up to hear Billy talk about some of his personal mental health challenges and then me talk about typical mental health issues men present with and how I work with them using the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap to navigate their way back to mental health.

Dr Clive

About Dr. Clive Williams

Clive Williams, PhD, is a psychologist with 35 years’ experience with a particular focus on how individual change occurs.

Clive’s private practice is in Brisbane though he works with clients around the globe.

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