Stage 2 The Call to Adventure

The Call to Adventure is an event or series of events which kick-starts the SEPARATION from your old life.

There are three types of Calls in the call to adventure:

  1. Intentional: I will leave this place/job/relationship/town/ country etc
  2. Serendipitous:  Something or someone grabs your interest and you follow them/it (e.g. falling in love, finding a new interest/passion).
  3. Unwanted:  Something unpleasant, unexpected, sometimes traumatic happens leaving some or all aspects of your life in tatters (e.g. a divorce, illness, injury, accident etc).

Usually the first signs of a Call to Adventure are fear and grief.  These are logical responses to an event(s) which separates you from your old life. For Intentional Calls, you may be sad to be leaving your old home or town and a bit fearful of the new place, what to do and where to go.  For Serendipitous Calls, you may be interested in someone romantically but fearful of getting hurt.  For Unwanted Calls, you may simply be in shock by the difference to your life one day can make.

Whether you like it or not, life has happened and a response is required.
The fact that you have no idea what to do is neither here nor there.


  1.  Can you remember an event or series of events that significantly separated you from all or some of your life as you knew it?
  2. What kind of Call was it?  Intentional?  Serendipitous?  Or Unwanted?
  3. What emotions did you experience? What did you do with these?  Deny them? Hide them? Numb them?
  4. What significant problem(s) was created as a result of the Call to Adventure?