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The first introductory talks on the 19th June and the 24th July went extremely well.  These talks provided a brief introduction to the idea of the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap for your day to day life.  Following the feedback that people want more, the next event is a workshop solely focused on identifying where you are in your own Hero’s Journey.  

These will be limited to groups of 6 people so as to allow for a lot of individual attention and group questions and discussion.


The  workshop will cover the 12 stages of a Hero’s Journey based on my book (A Mudmap for Living), which will help locate yourself at your own specific stage, what to expect and what is required to progress your own Hero’s journey.  
The main focus of the workshop will be on identifying your own Hero’s Journey, while addressing your fears (anxiety) and identifying rewards.  This will also be an opportunity  to share stories and learn from other people’s Hero Journeys.
The details of the workshop are as follows:
– 12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey
– Addressing fears (anxiety) and identifying rewards
– Questions and exercises to allow participants to identify where they are in their own Hero’s Journey.
– Discussion and group sharing of how to progress your Hero’s Journey.
If you are interested in attending a session then please email to sign up for this session. The dates and time slots are listed below. Please state your preferred date and timing, so I can confirm once I have a group formed, and then you can proceed with the payment.
 Option 1: Saturday, 16 September ( 10 am to 1 pm)  OR
Option 2: Saturday, 16 September ( 1 pm to 4 pm) OR
Option 3: Saturday, 23 September ( 10 am to 1 pm) OR
Option 4: Saturday, 23 September ( 1 pm to 4 pm)
Venue:  42 mein Street, Hendra ( my clinic)
Cost: $110/person
Limited spaces available: 6 people/session
NB:  10% discount applicable for Members.
Membership: Attend any of the Mudmap for Living events and become a member. 
Refreshments: Light refreshments provided
 Hope you can make it.
Dr. Clive