Links to articles, other books and websites about the Hero’s Journey


The Hero’s Journey: A mudmap for change’  Journal of Humanistic Psychology.  First Published 26 Apr 2017. p 1-17

The Hero’s Journey: A mudmap to wellbeing.  In Heroism Science and Wellbeing in the 21st Century, in press soon to be published by Routledge.  (If you would like a sneak peak at the chapter just drop me a line).

The Hero’s Journey:  A creative act.  In press Special Issue by the Journal of Genius and Eminence celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the life of Joseph Campbell. (As previously, if looking for sneak peak let me know).

‘The Writer’s Journey:  Mythic structure for storytellers and screenwriters by Chris Vogler (pictured right)



Here is the link to the webpage for Heroism Science.