About Dr Clive Williams

‘There is a map for life, to guide you when people are driving you crazy or you have a situation you don’t know how to address.’

Clive Williams, PhD, is a psychologist with 35 years’ experience with a particular focus on how individual change occurs.

Clive’s examination of the Hero’s Journey led him to propose the idea that the Hero’s Journey provides a mudmap for daily living.  For the past 25 years, Clive has been focused on the application of the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap for change and applying this mudmap with clients dealing with anxiety and mood disorders, addictions, relationship therapy, family problems, and workplace stresses. He has yet to find one situation where the Hero’s Journey could not be used to as a daily guide to assisting change.  This idea  of the Hero’s Journey as a mudmap for living and strategies for dealing with modern life are articulated in his book A Mudmap for Living.

Clive has presented at the Hero Roundtable in Geelong Victoria (2015) Australia and run a workshop at Hero Roundtable Michigan 2016, USA.  He has given many talks, run many small groups and classes on the Hero’s Journey for people dealing with unwanted change and struggling to understand in a practical manner, how to move forward and find and create a resolution.

Clive’s private practice is in Brisbane though he works with clients around the globe.

“If we want our lives to change, the biggest challenge and the greatest reward will be in changing ourselves.”      ~ Clive Williams

For more information:

Official website:  https://www.williamspsychology.com.au/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/doctorclive

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