A mudmap for your life? The Hero’s Journey

Do you know what a mudmap is? It’s a rough map to give you an idea of how to find your way.

I believe the Hero’s Journey does the same thing.  It can be used as a rough guide to help you find your way in daily life.  This site is to help you to recognise where you might be on your own Hero’s Journey, and tell you about what is required to progress this stage and eventually finish this particular journey.

Everyone’s Hero’s Journey is really a story of how someone solved a problem. How Snow White dealt with the wicked Queen.  How Harry Potter dealt with Voldemort.  Even how Hamlet dealt with his muderous uncle!

A Hero’s Journey is a story about a problem that maybe that you didn’t want.  A problem that maybe you don’t know how to solve.  The Hero’s Journey is a map to finding a solution.  And whether you realise it or not, your life is a series of Hero’s Journeys.

This site (along with Joseph Campbell’s books, videos and audio recordings) will tell you about the various stages of the Hero’s Journey, how to recognise them in your life, and what is required at each stage to navigate your way to resolving your problem.

Take the time to learn about the Hero’s Journey, how to recognise the various stages so that you too can find a way to resolve that problem!

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